Competitive quality services provided by our engineers

Brake Services

At Texoma Auto Repair, we ensure that every safe drive has a reliable brake system. Our best brake services in Howe, TX, guarantee that we not only elevate the safety standard but redefine it.

Muffler & Exhaust Services

At Texoma Auto Repair, we recognize that driving should be a pleasure, not an assault on your ears or the environment. We excel in providing expert muffler and exhaust services in Howe, TX.

Engine Repair

You can count on us for engine repairs that restore your vehicle’s power and efficiency. Our skilled team diagnoses and fixes engine issues, ensuring peak performance.

Suspension Services

Our expert technicians provide top-notch suspension services to enhance stability and handling, improving your vehicle’s performance and ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Battery Services

We offer comprehensive battery services to keep your car’s electrical system reliable, providing quick diagnostics, replacements, and maintenance to keep you on the road.

Oil Change

We deliver exceptional oil change services to keep your engine running smoothly. We only use high-quality oil with high octane numbers for the best engine health.

Power Window Repair

We specialize in power window repair, resolving issues with ease. We provide timely and efficient services so you can say goodbye to windows that are stuck or not operating properly.

Vehicle Inspections

Our thorough vehicle inspections provide peace of mind. We assess every aspect, ensuring safety and reliability for your vehicle’s continued performance.